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Local Information for CCA 2017

July 24-27 (2017), hosted and organized by KAIST's School of Computing, Daejeon, Republic of Korea

Daejeon Expo Bridge
Daejeon, Republic of Korea
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Schedule, Electronic proceedings, and pictures;
see also the co-located Workshop on Real Verification...


Hosted and organized by KAIST's School of Computing, the conference will take place in the N1 Building, Room #101 on KAIST's Main Campus in Daejeon.

KAIST N1 Building KAIST Campus Map - N1 Building
KAIST N1 Building


Access from Incheon International Airport and/or from Seoul Station is rich and convenient:

KTX from Incheon International Airport to Daejeon Station

Every day 7 KTX bullet trains run directly from Incheon Airport to Daejeon station.
The journey takes about 2h and costs about 36,000 KRW.
(1,000 won correspond very roughly to 1 US$ or 100 JPY...)
With a foreign credit card, tickets can be reserved online and then picked up (or purchased from scratch) at the English-speaking information desk in the basement of Incheon Airport.
Both Incheon Airport and KTX provide free Wifi.

AREX from Incheon Airport to Seoul, then KTX to Daejeon Station

In addition to the aforementioned 7 daily direct KTX, there are very frequent further connections:
Take the Express AREX to Seoul Station and there change to any of the 63 (!) daily KTX to Daejeon
(not counting the slower but cheaper trains nor the one to Seo-Daejeon).
In Incheon Airport you can buy a combined AREX+KTX ticket at a small discount.

AREX from Gimpo International Airport to Seoul, then KTX to Daejeon Station

From Gimpo, take the All-Stop AREX to Seoul Station, then proceed as above.

Express Bus from Incheon Airport to Daejeon Government Complex

Korea has two (!) extensive systems of Express/Intercity Busses with dense schedules.
Outside Incheon Airport's ground level cross the first road to get to bus stop 9D,
dedicated exclusively to busses for Daejeon leaving roughly every 20 to 40 minutes.

Tickets (with seat reservation) can be purchased from the English-speaking clerks in the booth next to it.
They cost around 23,100 KRW and, subject to traffic, take a little less than 3h
with (usually) one 15-minutes rest midway and several stops within Daejeon.

Express/Intercity Bus from Gangam to Daejeon

In the southern part of Seoul (Gangnam) there are two close-by bus terminals: Express and Central City.
They serve several (often disjoint) destinations within Daejeon:

Taxi to KAIST or to your hotel

Taxis are really inexpensive in Korea!
In front of Daejeon Station, wait in line for the next one available; fare should be around 9,000 KRW;
similarly from Express Bus Station Daejeon Terminal Complex (East Daejeon);
from Government Complex around 6,000 KRW;
and from Yuseong Bus Terminal around 4,000 KRW.

Subway from Daejeon Station

Daejeon's Toyoko Inn (see below) is close to the aforementioned Subway station Government Complex.
KAIST is not so close to station Wolpyeong, so we rather recommend taking a taxi right away.
Subway can be conveniently accessed with a T-Money card that also works for city busses in Daejeon, taxis, convenience stores etc.


Not all taxi drivers understand English too well. Thus the following sentences might be useful:

English Hangul
Please bring me to Toyoko Inn Hotel! 토요코인호텔 로 가주세요.
Please bring me to Indian Curry No.9! 유성구 궁동 432-4, 대학로 169 로 가주세요.
Please bring me to KAIST N1 building! 카이스트 N1 로 가주세요.
Please bring me to Daejeon station! 대전역 로 가주세요.

You might want to install and download offline versions of Google Translate on your Android smartphone.


We are happy to acknowledge sponsoring by the Association for Symbolic Logic:
Student members are encouraged to apply for a travel Award before April 23rd.

A limited number of subsidized shared dorm rooms are available upon request.


Here are some recommended hotels:

Also, here is a map of local restaurants.


Registration includes (except for auditing students) an excursion on Wednesday afternoon.

Another, optional, excursion to Seoul will leave Daejeon on Saturday morning:
So you might consider spending Saturday night in Seoul and take your return flight on Sunday morning.


You can register for CCA 2017 on the following web pages: After your credit card has been processed for the registration fee, a confirmation email will be sent:
otherwise please check your spam folder, then contact us.

Further Local Information

For further local information, please contact the Organizing Committee: